Nessa K Photography Horizontal Slide Portfolio

This is a project best seen in person, so I recommend clicking here to view it live :)

Ultra-awesome photographer and one of my all time favorite people Nessa K came to me wanting an elegant, minimalist-looking side-oriented portfolio that would look and work the same across a wide variety of devices and screen sizes. This was a fun and rewarding project since Nessa’s design style is very similar to mine and getting this thing to be responsive without sacrificing the design was a challenge I couldn’t wait to conquer!

It had to be easy to update and use from within WordPress, and it also had to function completely independently of her WordPress theme so that we could achieve the exact look and feel she wanted. I built a custom plugin infrastructure to do this. It usurps the theme in a nondestructive way so that the unique designs of the portfolio and the blog/website can coexist harmoniously while being completely different. It also allows for easy drag-and-drop media manipulation and organization.